This prepaid solution comprises two virtual cards linked to the same account. One card earns travel agencies a rebate on the amount spent, and the other helps avoid payment card surcharges applied by some travel providers. Both options are fully integrated with the travel agent’s professional selling interface, so payments can be made while booking a trip. 
Having the choice to earn, save or borrow cash when paying for travel content is now a reality thanks to Amadeus’ portfolio of virtual cards – and this, ultimately, equips travel sellers with the right card option for every type of purchase. 

Earn a rebate on the amount spent on the virtual card
Avoid payment card surcharges by using the virtual card

Travel agents like using virtual cards for a number of reasons that vary due to the size and shape of their respective business. But the following benefits have wide appeal across leisure and business travel companies: 

Ease of payment for providers outside IATA’s BSP: Low Cost Carriers, hotels, car rentals, and other travel content. 

Facilitate the reconciliation of sales: Virtual cards have a unique identifier for each transaction so reconciling sales against spend is faster and easier than alternative methods which rely on laborious manual effort and are time-consuming.

Reduce fraud risk: Travel agencies can put strict controls on the use of virtual cards with specific spending limits. Besides, it ends the practice of sharing a card and passing it around the office, thus reducing the risk of card details ending up in the wrong hands. With virtual cards, the spend limit is restricted to the amount you load on the card and not to the credit limit set by the bank. 

Protect travel agencies: with traditional methods of payment, like bank transfer, when a travel agent pays a supplier and that supplier goes bankrupt, the travel agent is left holding the baby. With Virtual Card payments, the major card schemes, like MasterCard®, protect travel agencies in this case, in the same way as they would for consumer payments. 
B2B Wallet Prepaid
B2B Wallet Credit by AirPlus

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